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Guidelines for securing Broadband Internet access (Dont's)


  1. Don’t enable the option for remote administration (via Internet), as it is not required for a home user.

  2. Don’t enable the option “Restore Factory Default Setting” in broadband modem.

  3. Don’t use connection without a filter for each broadband Internet line.

  4. Don’t tap the line before the splitter (a small dvice that separates phone line from data / PC port).

  5. Don’t use USB broadband modem with insecure computer/laptop.

  6. Do not Enable SSID Broadcast:In Wi-Fi networking, wireless access point or router typically broadcasts the network name (SSID) over the air at regular intervals.This feature was designed for businesses as well as to access public hotspots. For a home user this feature is unnecessary and can be an entry point to break into the network.

  7. Do not Enable  Auto-Connect to Open Wi-Fi Networks:In case if Auto-Connect setting is enabled, computer with Wi-Fi interface can connect automatically without notifying to the user.This may expose our computer to security risks.This setting should not be enabled except in specific cases.

  8. Do not leave broadband connectivity open when it is not utilized.

  9. Never connect to unkown or untrusted network in case of  Wi-Fi.

 Points to be remembered

The setup, configuration and the features may vary  from model to model.

For more information please refer manufacturer’s manual.

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