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Desktop Security

To setup your computer safely

Read the Vendor document carefully and follow the guidelines

Why do you need to secure your Desktop?

We need to secure our desktop because a personal computer used without proper security measure that could lead to exploiting the system for illegal activities using the resources of such insecured computers. These exploiters could be Virus, Trojans, Keyloggers and sometimes real hackers. This may result in data theft, data loss, personal information disclosure, stealing of credentials like passwords etc.

So, protect and secure your Personal Computer before it is compromised.

" The olden phrase is always golden... Prevention is Better than Cure."

Things to remember … while using your personal computer

  • Always install Licensed Software so that you have regular updates of your Operating system and Applications. In case of open source software, make sure to update frequently.

  • Read the “Terms and Conditions” / “License Agreement” provided by vendor/software before installation.

  • Properly shutdown and switch off your personal computer after the use along with your external devices like Monitor, Modem, Speakers etc.

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