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Data Security

Data Security, Browser Security, E-Mail Security, Wireless Security and Modem Security

Data Security

  • Enable Auto-updates of your Operating System and update it regularly.

  • Download Anti-Virus Software from a Trusted Website and Install. Make sure it automatically gets updated with latest virus signatures.

  • Download Anti-Spyware Software from a Trusted Website and Install. Make sure it automatically updates with latest definitions.

  • Use “Encryption” to secure your valuable Information.

  • Note: For encryption password is required, always remember the password used while encrypting it, else data would not be available thereafter.

  • Strong password should be used for “Admin” Account on computer and for other important applications like E-mail client, Financial Applications (accounting etc).

  • Backup: Periodically backup your computer data on CD / DVD or USB drive etc.. in case it may get corrupted due to HardDisk failures or when reinstalling/format ting the system.

  • Recovery Disk: Always keep recovery disk suplied by Manufacturer / Vendor of the Computer System to recover the Operating System in the event of boot failures due to system changes such as uncerificated Drivers/unknown Software publisher.

  • Startup programs should be monitored / controlled for optimal system performance.

Browser Security

  • Always update your Web Browser with latest patches.

  • Use privacy or security settings which are inbuilt in the browser.

  • Also use content filtering software.

  • Always have Safe Search “ON” in Search Engine.

e-Mail Security

  • Always use strong password for your email account.

  • Always use Anti-Spyware Software to scan the eMails for Spam.

  • Always scan the e-Mail attachments with latest updated Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy ware before opening.

  • Always remember to empty the Spam folder.

Wireless Security

  • Change default Administrator passwords.

  • Turn On WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) / WEP Encryption.

  • Change default SSID.

  • Enable MAC address filtering.

  • Turn off your wireless network when not in use.

Modem Security

  • Change the default passwords.

  • Switch off when not in use.

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