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Physical Security & Internet Security

Physical Security

  • Regularly clean your system and it’s components.

Note: Turn your PC Off before cleaning it.

  • Properly organize the power cables, wires, to prevent from water, insects etc.

  • While working at PC, be careful not to spill water or food items on it.

  • Always follow “Safely Remove” option provided by the Operating System while disconnecting the USB devices.

  • By setting BIOS password, you can prevent unauthorized access to your personal computer.

  • Switch off the computer when it’s not in use.

Note: To setup BIOS password refer “Setting password to BIOS” section.

Internet Security

  • Follow Internet Ethics while browsing.

  • Check the copyright issues before using the content of Internet.

  • Always access the site which uses https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) while performing Online transactions, Downloads etc, which is secure.

  • If the site uses SSL, verify the Certificate details like Who is the owner, Expiry date of the certificate etc to confirm whether it is trusted or not.

  • You can do this by clicking the lock icon.

  • Use only Original Websites for downloading the files rather than Third Party websites.

  • Scan the downloaded files with an updated Anti-Virus Software before using it.

  • Install and properly configure a Software firewall, to protect against malicious traffic.

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82 % of Home Users experienced at least one security threat during 2011

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