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Mitigation against Mobile Device and Data Security Attacks

Mitigation against Mobile Device and Data Security Attacks :

Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Device

  • Record IMEI number:

Record the unique 15 digit IMEI number. In case Mobile phone is stolen/lost, this IMEI number is required for registering complaint at Police station and may help in tracking your mobile phone through service provider.

  • Enable Device locking:

Use auto lock to automatically lock the phone or keypad lock protected by passcode/ security patterns to restrict access to your mobile phone.

  • Use a PIN to lock SIM card:

Use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card to prevent people from making use of it when stolen. After turning on SIM security, each time phone starts it will prompt to enter SIM PIN.

  • Use password to protect information on the memory card.

Report lost or stolen devices

  • Report lost or stolen devices immediately to the nearest Police Station and concerned service provider. Use mobile tracking feature.

  • Use the feature of Mobile Tracking which could help if the mobile phone is lost/stolen. Every time a new SIM card is inserted in the mobile phone, it would automatically send messages to two preselected phone numbers of your choice, so that you can track your Mobile device.


  1. Never leave your mobile device unattended.

  2. Turn off applications [camera, audio/video players] and connections [Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi] when not in use. Keeping the connections on may pose security issues and also cause to drain out the battery.

Do’s and Don’ts for Data Security:


  • Backup data regularly

Backup data regularly and set up your phone such that it backs up your data when you sync it. You can also back up data on a separate memory card. This can be done by using the Vendor’s document backup procedure.

  • Reset to factory settings:

Make sure to reset to factory settings when a phone is permanently given to another user to on sure that personal data in the phone is wiped out.

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