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Mobile as USB

The mobile phones can be used as USB memory devices when connected to a computer. A USB cable is provided with the mobile phone to connect to computer. Your mobile’s phone memory and memory stick can be accessed as USB devices.

  • Your mobile’s phone memory and memory stick can be accessed as USB devices.


  1. When a mobile phone is connected to a personal computer, scan the external phone memory and memory card using an updated anti virus.

  2. Take regular backup of your phone and external memory card because if an event like a system crash or malware penetration occurs, at least your data is safe.

  3. Before transferring the data to Mobile from computer, the data should be scanned with latest Antivirus with all updates.


  1. Never keep sensitive information like user names/passwords on mobile phones.

  2. Never forward the virus affected data to other Mobiles.

 Mitigation against Mobile Application and Operating System Attacks

Application and Mobile Operating System:

  1. Update the mobile operating system regularly.

  2. Upgrade the operating system to its latest version.

  3. Always install applications from trusted sources.

  4. Consider installing security software from a reputable provider and update them regularly.

  5. It’s always helpful to check the features before downloading an application. Some applications may use your personal data.

  6. If you’re downloading an app from a third party, do a little research to make sure the app is reputable.

Location tracking services allow the whereabouts of registered cell phones to be known and monitored. While it can be done openly for  legitimate purposes, it may also be used for malicious purposes.

Check the source of all your files and apps to make sure they’re safe before you download.

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