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Mobile Phone Security

Mobile phones are becoming ever more popular and are rapidly becoming attractive targets for malicious attacks. Mobile phones face the same security challenges as traditional desktop computers, but their mobility means they are also exposed to a set of risks quite different to those of a computer in a fixed location. Mobile phones can be infected with worms, trojan horses or other virus families, which can compromise your security and privacy or even gain complete control over the device. This guide provides the necessary steps, do’s, don’ts & tips to secure your mobile devices.

 Steps to be followed before Mobile Phone usage :

STEP 1 : Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully and follow the guidelines as specified to setup your mobile phone.

STEP 2 : Record the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number for tracking your mobile in case you lose it.

 Note: This is usually printed on the phone below the battery, or can be accessed by keying *#06# on most of the phones.


Mobile Phone Security Threats Categories :

Mobile Device and Data Security Threats

Threats related to unauthorised or intentional physical access to mobile phone and Lost or Stolen mobile phones.

Mobile Connectivity Security Threats

Threats related to mobile phone connectivity to unknown systems, phones and networks  using technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, USB etc.

Mobile Application and Operating  System Security Threats

Threats arising from vulnerabilities in Mobile Applications and Operating Systems .

Typical impact of attacks against Mobile Phones :

  1. Exposure or Loss of user's personal Information/Data, stored/transmitted through mobile phone.

  2. Monetary Loss due to malicious software unknowingly utilizing premium and highly priced SMS and Call Services.

  3. Privacy attacks which includes the tracing of mobile phone location along with private SMSs and calls without user’s knowledge.

  4. Loosing control over mobile phone and unknowingly becoming zombie for targeted attacks.

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