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Modem Security

Modem Setup :

  1. Always read the manufacturer’s manual care­fully and follow the guidelines, while setting up broadband modem.

  2. Insert the power source into the modem and then plug the other end of it into the wall socket.

  3. Before connecting the modem to the computer, check for proper functioning of the computer.

  4. While setting up the modem, follow instructions specific to the type & model of the modem.

  5. In case of signal via cable, connect the modem with the cable wire provided.

  6. In case of ethernet, connect the modem to the ethernet port of the computer.

  7. In case of USB connection, connect the modem after the computer is properly initialized.

  8. Wait until the indicators on the modem are lit.

  9. Install the modem driver and associated soft­ware provided along with the modem.

  10. To initialize the connectivity the proper user cre­dentials need to be given and response should be awaited before use.

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