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Do's & Dont's


  • Be cautious about opening any attachments or downloading files you receive regardless of who sent them.


  • Look for the sender email ID before you enter/give away any personal information.

  • Use antivirus, antispyware and firewall software (update them regularly too).

  • Always update your web browser and enable phishing filter.

  • If you receive any suspicious e-mail do call a company to confirm if it is legitimate or not.

  • Do use a separate email accounts for things like shopping online, personal etc.


  • Don’t reply to an e-mail or pop-up message that asks for personal or financial information.

  • Don’t e-mail personal or financial information i.e credit card or other sensitive information via e-mail.

  • Don’t click on any email or social media messages you don’t expect or need.

  • Don’t open e-mail that you have any suspicion may not be legitimate. If it is legitimate and the individual trying to contact you really needs to, they will try another means.

  • Don’t open attachments that you were not expecting, especially ZIP files and NEVER run .exe files.

  • Don’t use your company e-mail address for personal things.

  • Don’t open any spam e-mail.

  • Don’t open suspicious videos or images in social networking sites since social networking are prime target of phishing.

  • Never respond to phone calls asking for bank details. It might be vishing (voice phishing).

  • Beware of phishing phone calls.

  • Don’t respond if you receive any message(sms) asking you to confirm account information that has been “stolen” or “lost” or encouraging you to reveal personal information in order to receive a prize, it’s most likely a form of phishing

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