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Steps to remember

Step1: Cross check the URL in the browser

Don’t enter your information in the websites that start with numbers

Step2: Always check for the misspelled URL

 So Always key in the URL in the address bar yourself don’t copy and paste
Step3: Always perform online banking in secure channel i.e check for the Padlock and secure channel for secure banking

Always check for the trusted website which has https and padlock

Step 4 : Always view any email request for financial or other personal information with suspicion, particularly any “urgent” requests. When in doubt, do not respond to questionable email or enter information on questionable websites. You may also contact the alleged sender to confirm the legitimacy of communications you’ve received.

 An Example of Phishing site, the look and feel of the Punjab national bank is same.

Step 5 : Never respond to the emails that ask for your personal information like credit card /debit card/bank information.

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