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How to stop Data Leakage via USB storage??

How to stop Data Leakage via USB storage ?

  1. Design and adopt a good security policy to limit the usage of USB Storage devices.

  2. Monitor the employees what they are copying.

  3. Implement Authentication, Authorization and Accounting to secure your information.

What to do when you lose the Device?

  1. If you have stored any personal or sensitive information inside the USB drive like passwords etc, imediately change all passwords along with security questions and answers provided during any account creation [There may be chances that hacker can retrieve your online account logon information by using  data in the stolen drive].

  2. Also ensure that all security measures have been taken against the data lost.

How to stop Device theft ?

  1. Always secure the drive physically by tagging it to a key chain.

  2. Never leave your drive unattended anywhere.

  3. Never keep sensitive information without encryption .

Types of devices  which support USB

  • Card readers

  • Mobile phones

  • PDAs

  • Digital cameras

  • Digital audio players

  • Portable Media Players

  • Portable flash memory devices

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