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USB Storage Device Security

USB (Universal Serial Bus) storage devices are very convenient to transfer data between different computers. You can plug it into a USB port, copy your data, remove it and be on your way. Unfortunately this portability, convenience and popularity also brings different threats to your information.

Data thefts and Data leakage are everyday news now! All these can be controlled or minimized with care, awareness and by using appropriate tools to secure the information. The tips and recommendations provided in this document helps you to keep your information secure while using USB storage devices.

  • The Conficker worm spreads via removable devices and drives such as memory sticks, MP3 players and Digital Cameras.

  • Also 30 percent of new worms have been specifically designed to spread through USB storage devices connected to computers.

  • The Stuxnet worm was one of the year’s high-profile threats that spread through USB drives.


  1. Malware Infection
  • Malware Spreads through USB storage devices. Somebody may intentionally sell USB storage devices with malware to track your activities, files, systems and networks.

  • Malware may spread from one device to another device through USB Storage Devices using autorun.exe, which is by default enabled.

  • Somebody may steal your USB Devices for Data.

  • Unauthorized Usage


Somebody intentionally leave USB devices at your Desk or Place with Malware


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